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The Google Search Appliance

New! GSA 6 now includes Self Learning Scorer, which further improves search relevance over time, providing your user with optimal results. Learn more.

The Google Search Appliance delivers fast, relevant and secure access to information, increasing the velocity of business. Taking Google's core search technology and optimising it for business use, the Google Search Appliance provides universal search across a variety of internal and external sources - including file shares, intranets, databases, applications, hosted services and content management systems. The Google Search Appliance makes all the information that employees need to be productive accessible through a single easy-to-use search box. The latest version adds key new features around search quality, access control and connectivity.

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New! Watch a video overview of what's new in version 6.

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What's New

New! Read a technology review of GSA 6 from research analyst Butler Group.

Google Search Appliance 6 is equipped with many new features. Snapshot of what's new:

  • New GB-9009 product model that searches up to 30 million documents
  • Ability to scale multiple appliances to search billions of documents
  • Connect appliances in multiple departments and obtain integrated search results. And the GSA now indexes content Sharepoint out-of-the-box and 10x faster than before
  • Customisable security
    New! Universal Login - Easily manage multiple credentials across multiple systems.
  • All new customers of GB-1001 will now receive upgraded GB-7007 hardware, providing 3X computing horsepower
  • Social search features, including 'User-Added Results'
  • User-centric innovations such as Query Suggestions and Ranking Framework. Now with Self-Learning Scorer, which over time ensures that the GSA delivers the right answer to users, based on enhanced tracking
  • Enhanced search quality with improved precision

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The Google Search Appliance


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