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Vision7 deploys Chrome for Work globally, sees immediate increase in Gmail and Calendar speed

Vision7 International had a problem: its legacy browser couldn't keep up. As one of the top 25 global interactive marketing agencies, Vision7 needed a browser that could handle all of its core business functions and enable creative teams to design rich graphics experiences for the modern web – and its IT team needed it to be safe, secure and simple to deploy. As a Google Apps customer, Vision7 also wanted a browser that could make the most of Gmail, Calendar and Docs for all of its 1,500 employees around the world.

Making Google Apps sing

Vision7 initially considered upgrading its officially supported browser when it migrated from Microsoft Exchange in 2010. 'Exchange was very expensive and mailbox sizes were too small. We evaluated some alternative email solutions before deciding to "Go Google",' said François van Doesburg, Vice President, IS/IT, Vision7 International. After successfully upgrading the entire company to Gmail, François was thrilled to learn that the Google Apps experience could be even better with Chrome for Work.

'From day one, employees noticed an improvement in speed when using Gmail, Calendar and Docs in Chrome,' commented van Doesburg. Because employees spend nearly all of their time at the office with their email open, this implied big potential productivity gains by upgrading to Chrome. Chrome for Work offers Google Apps customers tools and features that aren't available in other browsers. Editing functionality like cut-and-paste and drag-and-drop, as well as desktop notifications – alerts for new email, chats and other communications – were built to work seamlessly in Chrome. The browser was built from the ground up to optimise Google Apps.

'We initially set up Chrome as the default client for Gmail. But when we noticed that most employees preferred to use it for all of their daily web-based applications and activities, we realised that it just made sense to change to Chrome for everything,' said Bernard Beaulieu, Director of IT and Infrastructure. 'Though some employees continue to need legacy browsers for older applications designed a decade ago, Chrome supports 95% of the applications that our employees need.'

"Chrome for Work is an information technology no-brainer for companies that wish to make the most of Gmail across PC and Mac users", said van Doesburg.

Supporting employees on Mac and PC

With employees working on both Macs and PCs, Vision7 International wanted to deploy one official browser that worked equally well on both platforms, reducing IT support needs. Vision7 needed a browser that could support business-critical web-based applications for the 65% of the company that runs on PCs only. 'Most of the company – finance, HR, operations etc. – is in a Windows-based environment, so any browser we deploy had to support the online tools that those teams use every day,' Beaulieu said.

Beaulieu commented on how capable Chrome for Work is at managing the day-to-day demands of its Mac-based employees, which comprise the remaining 35% of Vision7’s workforce. "These employees require a browser capable of taking full advantage of advanced rendering technologies like WebGL and WebM. We're going to lose business if our Creative teams don't have a browser that can keep up with the most cutting-edge technologies."

Simplifying deployment and management

"Chrome for Work was a breeze to roll out. Just very simple,' said Beaulieu, adding, 'We’re really happy with it. It’s very light. When we deploy it to a PC, it only takes seconds before it appears on the employee's desktop – some browsers take half a day to become available to an end-user.' Vision7 customised Chrome with a handful of pre-configured Apps and Extensions from the Chrome Web Store before deploying to employees via the Chrome for Work MSI.

Day-to-day support for Chrome for Work has been straightforward and easy to manage for Vision7 International. 'The fewer support calls we receive from employees, the better – and no one ever calls with issues related to Chrome,' said van Doesburg. He concluded, "Overall, Vision7 is thrilled with the performance of Chrome for Work. We give it a 9.5 out of 10.'

About Vision7 International

  • vision7international.com
  • Quebec City, Qc, Canada
  • Vision7 is among the top 25 international marketing communications companies in the world


  • Upgrade to a modern browser capable of handling HTML5, WebGL and advanced rendering technologies
  • Deploy globally across all PC and Mac users
  • Streamline day-to-day browser management


  • Customise the Chrome for Work MSI with pre-configured Apps from the Chrome Webstore
  • Deploy to test group comprising Mac and PC users in different divisions, gather feedback
  • Deploy to all employees


  • Decreased per-email load times for all employees, resulting in significant time savings
  • Eliminated manual patches and browser updates; Chrome for Work now updates automatically
  • Customer feedback incorporated into the Product Development roadmap for future enhancements