Vision7 International

"Chrome for Work is an information technology no-brainer for companies that wish to make the most of Gmail across PC and
Mac users."

François van Doesburg,
Vice President IS&IT

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Boise State University

'With Chrome, I don’t have to worry about individual users clicking a prompt and agreeing to an update that might pose a security threat if not implemented correctly. Chrome for Work updates take care of everything."

Peter Jurhs,
Technical Manager

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"As a manufacturer of some of the world’s most complex electronics, Sanmina-SCI understands the value of business efficiencies through simplicity. We use Chrome because it distils the complexity of web technologies into a powerful, easy-to-use, easy-to-manage browser experience."

Elliot Tally,
Senior Director, Enterprise Applications


"Appirio loves Chrome for Work. We run our business in the Cloud and need a browser that is safe, straightforward and easy to deploy. Appirio has upgraded all our employees to Chrome – and we recommend Chrome for Work for our customers too."

Glenn Weinstein,

SNL Financial

"Chrome for Work makes Google Apps shine. Gmail runs noticeably faster, letting employees at SNL Financial focus on getting work done.'

Galen Warren,

Middlesex Hospital

'The upgrade to Chrome was really a non-event – always good news
for a CIO.'

Lud Johnson,

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Sixt AG

'At Sixt we believe in the future of the web and web technologies. We’re using Chrome for Work to give all employees secure access to the web, and for most of our internal applications. Chrome for Work is so easy to configure and deploy."

Erich Sixt,