Google Certified Shops Program Terms of Service

The Google Certified Shops Program (the “Program”) is designed to help customers (“You”) find merchants who offer a superior online shopping experience. The Program offers You certain protection when You purchase an eligible item from a merchant participating in the Google Certified Shops Program (“Merchants”). When You elect to participate in the Program through the Program’s opt-in module or by any other means that Google provides, You are agreeing to the terms described here. This is a legally binding document, so please read it carefully.

This document consists of the following sections:

The Protection Google Offers

When You buy an eligible item covered by the Program from a qualifying Merchant, and the Merchant fails to remedy any of the eligible problems listed in this section, then if you report the problem to Google through your account within 60 days from the date that you placed your order with the Merchant, Google will assist You in resolving the problem and/or provide You a full refund, equal to the original item price plus shipping and tax, subject to the refund limitations and processes described in these terms.

Eligible problems include each of the following:

Please consult the Program help center for more information about the protection Google offers under the Program and other Program policies. This information and these policies form part of these Program terms. In particular, please refer to the following pages:

Your protection is limited to the lower of (a) the full amount You paid the Merchant, including tax and shipping or (b) £1,000 in lifetime claims for Your account. You may not open more than one account associated with the Program. In no case will Your compensation exceed the amount You paid the Merchant, minus any refunds You received from the Merchant and/or Your payment provider.

In lieu of a direct refund, Google may, at its sole discretion, assist You in filing a chargeback with Your payment provider.

Google will determine the eligibility of any claims You make against a Merchant or the Program, the validity of any remedy offered by the Merchant, and the amount of refund, if any, You are due in accordance with these Terms. Google retains the right to change the refund limits described above for future purchases.

For the avoidance of doubt, protection offered by Google as part of the Program is not: