Classical Fighting Arts of Japan: A Complete Guide to Koryū Jūjutsu

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Kodansha International, 2001 - Sports & Recreation - 242 pages
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The fierceness of the Japanese warrior and his fighting arts has fascinated Westerners since Europeans first came into contact with Japan more than 450 years ago. Classical Fighting Arts of Japan: A Complete Guide to Koryu Jujutsu is the first comprehensive English-language book on traditional jujutsu.
Author Serge Mol-working almost exclusively from original Japanese source materials-vividly outlines the history of the close-quarter fighting methods that warriors developed not only to prove themselves on the battlefield and in daily life, but also to the constantly ready to defend their feudal lords.
A great number of jujutsu styles and techniques-armed and unarmed-have existed over the centuries, and many of the classical weapon schools also instructed in the use of jujutsu. The Classical Fighting Arts of Japan expertly guides readers through the rise and development of many of the major schools.
The classical martial arts as practiced in the ancient ryuha were deeply interwoven. For this reason, this definitive guide to koryu jujutsu will not only be invaluable to practioners of traditional and modern jujutsu, but will be of great interest to enthusiasts of modern budo such as judo, aikido, kendo, and iaido.
Mol explores the historical and cultural factors that helped shape jujutsu and the martial arts in general. He offers a detailed look at individual jujutsu ryuha, giving details on the school's history (where possible including illustrations of their founders and photos of ancient manuscripts).
This book is richly illustrated with numerous photographs of rare documents and with many photos of exponents demonstration techniques, many of which have never before been shown outside Japan. In addition to his extensive research in original source material, Mol had regular access in conversation, over the course of years, to the insights of the grandmasters of several of the most important jujutsu schools that remain active today.
Classical Fighting Arts of Japan will be a welcome addition to the personal collection of every serious student of Japanese martial arts.

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Review: Classical Fighting Arts Of Japan: A Complete Guide To Koryu Jujutsu

User Review  - Darin - Goodreads

This book provides a detailed look at the history of jujutsu with discussions of various ryu, both those still in existence and those now gone. Read full review

Review: Classical Fighting Arts Of Japan: A Complete Guide To Koryu Jujutsu

User Review  - Steven Roosa - Goodreads

This book is a real break from the norm on classical Ju-Jitsu and worth reading for the martial arts enthusiast. Read full review

About the author (2001)

SERGE MOL is the author of the acclaimed Classical Fighting Arts of Japan: A Complete Guide To Koryu Jujutsu, and is the first and only non-Japanese to have received the rank of menkyo kaiden in Enshin Ryu Iai, Suemonogiri, Kenpo and Yawara, or to have received menkyo in Hoki Ryu Juutsu.
Before specializing in classical martial arts, Mol also studied various modern budo including kendo, iaido and judo; he has dan ranking in iaido and judo.
Mol has lived and trained in Japan for several years as a direct disciple of Grandmaster Tanaka Fumon-one of Japan's foremost authorities on classical martial arts and special weaponry-and Grandmaster Nakashima Atsumi. In addition to more orthodox classical martial arts such as jujutsu, iaijutsu,
kenjutsu, and bojutsu, the author has studied the use of various hibuki (secret weapons) and kakushibuki (concealed weapons). The author's relationship with these grandmasters and reliance solely on original Japanese materials-many of which are ancient, secret texts-make his work uniquely reliable.
Mol lives in Belgium and travels frequently to Japan for additional training and research.

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