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A new approach to online market research.

Whether you need to test a new marketing campaign or plan new product initiatives, you need consumer insights. Meanwhile, making budget and time available to answer every question is a challenge. How can you make research quick, easy, and affordable so you can get the insights you need to make better business decisions?


Put the power of the Internet to work.

Google Surveys lets you ask questions of people who are willing to respond online. They get access to quality content or Google Play credit. You get valid results at low cost.

In this product overview you’ll learn how Google Surveys helps you:


  • Reach a validated, representative sample in as little as 48 hours.
  • Segment and target the right people for your survey, fast.
  • Get validated insights and track trends with automated analysis.


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    Product Overview

    Learn how Google Surveys makes market research faster and more affordable for your business.

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