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Attribution 360 offline conversion connector.

Are you able to see the complete impact of your marketing activities, regardless of whether customers convert online or offline? Your answer to this important question could greatly impact your success.

Though customers often research purchases online, they have a tendency to buy offline — by phone or in-store. If marketing efforts are evaluated by online conversions alone, you’re not getting the full picture of how online investments help generate offline revenues.

The Attribution 360 solution.

By linking online and offline activities, Attribution 360 allows marketers to closely assess which in-store sales can be attributed to digital marketing investments. The value of online channels — from display to search, affiliate, email, social and more — can be quantified in terms of revenue generated in-store.

In this brief you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s critical to see how in-store sales are influenced by digital marketing
  • How Attribution 360 works to bridge online tagging and offline purchase data
  • How Attribution 360 uses anonymous data and maintains customer privacy
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Measuring marketing’s impact on offline sales.

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