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Analytics 360 and BigQuery integration.

The data analysis landscape has changed rapidly in the past few years. Organizations and developers are analyzing larger data sets, from more data sources to drive decision-making.

Often, there is a need to examine huge volumes of unsampled data to make informed business decisions. For the data scientists that perform these analyses, direct granular access to Analytics 360 data is becoming increasingly important.

Interactive data analysis on demand.

BigQuery integration allows a more granular and complex querying of unsampled data. This scalable, easy-to-use web service enables interactive analysis of massive data sets — up to trillions of rows — as you need it.

In this product overview, you’ll learn:

  • How Google BigQuery helps you analyze and collaborate quickly and securely
  • Uses of BigQuery from understanding complex queries to joining and integrating data sources
  • How the Google BigQuery integration works within Analytics 360
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Analytics 360 data in Google BigQuery.

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