Find new markets with Global Market Finder

Use Global Market Finder to find new customers overseas.

Enter keywords that describe your product or service and then select a region. You can choose from markets that include the G20, European Union, emerging markets, Asia or the entire world.

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Google Global Market Finder uses data from Internet searches conducted around the world to show the number of times people search for your keywords in Arabic, Chinese, English or one of 56 languages. When combined with AdWords, Global Market Finder also showcases estimates of suggested bid, competition for each Google Translate translation for that keyword used in your target market.

These metrics will allow you to compare the cost of acquiring a new customer with your product margins and help you to determine whether reaching customers in a new market is good for your business. As stated in the AdWords Terms and Conditions, you're responsible for the keywords and ad text you use in your ads. Be sure to confirm that the results that you elect to use from Google Global Market Finder are accurate. Additionally, please confer with your own legal counsel regarding possible issues surrounding advertising or distributing your products in other countries or regions.

To deepen your research, use market intelligence tools. When ready, localise your website, keywords and ad campaigns with our free, online translation tools.

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