Targeting tools

Finding the right audience across millions of websites can be difficult. The Google Display Network lets you get relevant messages to potential customers at the right place and time.

  • With contextual targeting tools, you can show your ads in the right place, by matching the content of your ads to the content of websites.
  • With audience targeting tools, you can show your ads to the right people, by matching your ads to those who’ve already expressed interest in what you’re selling. You can even attract new customers with similar interests and demographics.

Contextual Targeting

Connect with your audience precisely when they show interest

Every day, we all browse the millions of pages on the web to look at things we’re interested in and research our favourite products. Wouldn’t it be great if you could connect with users as they read web content that's directly related to what you're selling, with the precision and accuracy of search advertising? With Google's powerful contextual targeting, you can.

  • The Display Network reaches 92% of Internet users. Show them your message and automatically target highly engaged consumers when they're reading about your products and services, in real time.
  • Sophisticated technology can scan and understand web page content based on factors such as keywords, frequency of words, linguistics, page structure and more, to make sure that your ads are as targeted as they can be.
  • Use keyword-level targeting and bidding to make sure that you reach the right audience. Simply copy your best performing Search keyword campaigns onto display to maximise your spend and reach.
  • Zero in on your ideal customers by combining contextual targeting with other targeting, such as remarketing, frequency capping, exclusion controls and other targeting technology.
  • To ensure brand safety our technology makes sure that your ads don't appear next to undesirable content.

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Placement Targeting

Want to pick your own sites? Do you already know sites that your customers visit? Placement targeting lets you put your message in the best place for your business. You can show your ad on selected web pages, online videos, RSS feeds and mobile sites.

You can also pinpoint relevant pages on certain websites. You can reach specific types of customers on certain websites by using both contextual and placement targeting at once. If you sell tulip bulbs, for instance, you might choose a website about gardening (placement targeting) and then let Google technology find pages on that website that discuss tulips (contextual targeting).

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Bring your customers back to your business

With remarketing, you can reach customers who have shown an interest in your product or service by visiting your site, and show them relevant ads as they browse other sites across the web. It's a powerful way to match the right people with the right message.

When you use remarketing, you tag pages of your site that correspond to certain categories that you want to promote. For example, you could add a “TV” tag on all of your pages where you sell televisions, then create a campaign to show tailored messages (such as an ad displaying a special offer on TVs) to people who’ve visited those pages. They would see these ads as they browse other sites across the Google Display Network – reminding them of your product and driving them back to your site to buy.

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Interest Categories

Interest categories help you reach your target audience across the Google Display Network, showing highly relevant messages to potential customers while they surf the web.

Choose from a range of interest categories, such as travel, entertainment, sport or car enthusiasts and we’ll show ads to people who we think are interested in those categories. Individuals can also select the interest categories that they want to fall into through the Ad Preferences Manager, which lets them choose the categories of ads they see and helps advertisers reach those who are most likely to buy.

Find out more about how Interest Category Targeting works

Topic Targeting

Show ads on pages about specific subjects

Topic targeting is a close cousin to interest categories, but based on sites rather than audience. Pick a topic like travel, entertainment or fitness, and Google will show your ads on groups of quality sites related to that topic.

This is an easy way to get exposure on many relevant websites, without needing to target them one by one. You'll find topic targeting under the Display tab in the main campaign dashboard of your account.

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Geographic and Language Targeting

Want to reach English speakers worldwide? Or Spanish speakers in your city? Geographic and language targeting let you display your ad by region, postcode and language.

For example, you can choose to show your ad only to English or French speakers. If you're opening a new boutique in Central London, you can create a grand-opening offer to show just in the Greater London region. You can also show different ads to consumers in different parts of the country to make it more relevant to them.

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Demographic Targeting

Show ads to users based on their age and gender

If your typical customer skews toward a particular age range or gender, you can use demographic targeting to show your ads specifically to those people who are most likely to be interested in your business. For example, if your products are expensive and young people are less likely to buy, you can exclude the age range of 18-24 to focus your budget only on your best customers.

Demographic targeting is particularly successful when used to refine another targeting type. For example, you can combine demographics with remarketing to show ads only to consumers of a certain age or gender who have already visited your site.

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Other Tools

Above-the-Fold Advertising

Make sure that your display ads appear completely on screen regardless of the user's web browser, monitor size or screen resolution. By excluding the 'below the fold' category in your AdWords account, ads in your Google Display Network campaign will only appear when the whole ad shows up on the page, with no scrolling required. Find out more

Ad Scheduling

Want your ad to appear before lunch on weekdays? Ad scheduling lets you specify certain hours or days that you want your ads to appear. For example, you might schedule your ads to run only on weekdays or from 3.00 until 6.00 p.m. daily. With ad scheduling, a campaign can run all day, every day or for as little as 15 minutes per week. Find out more

Frequency Capping

Frequency capping limits the number of times any individual can see your ad in one day, week or month. This can help your message reach a wider audience – not the same customers over and over again. Find out more


Want to avoid irrelevant and inappropriate sites? To make sure that your ads don't appear next to content that's inappropriate or a bad match, Google reviews Display Network websites using technology and by hand. You can also block your ads from competing sites or from places that you find irrelevant to your business using the site and category exclusion tool. Find out more

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